Our couriers work exceptionally hard to complete all requests, and following a few guidelines and completing this form completely and accurately helps to ensure efficient delivery of your materials.

  • 1. Please plan accordingly. We need as much time as possible to coordinate moves. Big moves (many boxes, desks, file cabinets, etc.) are typically completed on Wednesdays. Big moves sometimes require additional planning on our end and may not happen on the Wednesday following form submission. It is helpful to have one month's notice for big moves.
  • 2. All items must be in a box with a secured lid to avoid damage during transport, maximize truck storage space, and minimize risk of injury to our couriers. Filing cabinets need to be empty, with contents boxed accordingly.
  • 3. All items must be clearly labeled with a destination (district, building, room, etc) and sender information so you may be contacted if questions arise.
  • 4. Items that are heavy (over 50 pounds) should be labeled as such.
  • 5. All items must be packed and labeled BEFORE the courier arrives at pickup location.

On the rare occasion that you have an immediate, unforeseen move that needs to be completed as quickly as possible, please contact Amy Windus at or 716-376-8285.

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